Automatic Identification And Data Capture

Automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) is the process of getting data through electronically analyzing images, videos, or sounds. For example, radio frequency identification, biometrics, bar codes, magnetic strips, and optical character recognition all include algorithms for identifying data objects captured.

When implemented strategically, AIDC can manage assets, inventory, delivery, security, and documents. Sectors that use AIDC include distribution companies, transportation, manufacturing companies, government, medicine, and many more.

The AIDC process is done without human involvement to automatically identify and track items, inventory, assets, and many more.

Benefits of Using AIDC 

AIDC gives solutions to data collection problems. AIDC technologies have specific advantages, which make them better suited for most businesses. Here are some of the benefits.

  1. Save Time

Without ADIC, companies may need a system that keeps track of file location and update the file in a central database data. AIDC can prevent lost files in your company, and you don't need to waste time finding any file. Just print the document in AIDC format and arrange the file code. When the user needs the file back, just used the reader to collect the data from the database.

  1. Accuracy

AIDC uses computing to collect the data; this makes the system more accurate than a manual system. It can read through documents and compare them to other files to ensure all data is complete. It eliminates the human error of wrong data entry. AIDC also helps companies increase work effectively to compete with other companies while also providing accurate data.

  1. Information Availability

 "Time is money," Downtime means lost money. Order entries are expected to be completed online at all times. A company suffers if any of these things go offline. A few seconds offline can mean millions lost in revenue, not to mention the loss to your company's reputation. AIDC does more than automating your company's data. It systematically creates backups of your data. Should anything happens to your data, you'll never lose important documents.

  1. Labor Free Technology

AIDC systems can make data entry labor-free. As the data moves from location to location, the AIDC system updates the location in a central database. No employee is required to record the moving file. Companies don't only get a system that eliminates the time to look for lost files; they also get the exact picture of the data capturing process both as a whole and as individual steps.

  1. Competitive Edge

While most companies adopt AIDC for effectiveness and speed, properly designed AIDC don't make mistakes. In contrast, manual data entry is inevitable to errors. In this current competitive market, companies can't afford to lose a key customer because of inaccurate information. Incorporating AIDC system into business might keep costs down and help you get accurate data while tracking more details.

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Automatic Identification And Data Capture
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