Mis Sold Investments

Mis Sold Investments

Mis-Sold Investments

Mis-sold investment bonds are just one of the forms of financial mis-selling that occurs in the financial space. The truth is that any investment product can easily be mis-sold once the wrong information has been issued to the buyer at the time of the transaction. Issues of mis-selling investments often take the following forms:

Stocks and Shares ISAs

With these financial products, money is invested in stocks and shares. However, stocks and shares can decrease in value and consequently, the element of risk involved with stocks and shares ISAs increases.

In some instances, the risk involved is not properly explained or inadequate, which can lead to financial mis-selling.

Managed Portfolios

Managed portfolios often include multiple asset classes to spread any risk and are often seen as a great way to invest safely. Especially because it often entails compound investments that allow investors to make the most of different investment schemes.

Sadly, things do not always go on as planned with managed portfolios, and any change in circumstances can easily turn a managed portfolio into a mis-sold investment.

Profit Bonds

A profit bond is another great ideal because it is designed to spread investment risk across different asset classes. Plus, there is also an annual bonus tied to the performance of the investment instead of its change in value. The implication is that there is reduced volatility with profit bonds.

The downside with profit bonds is that it comes with penalties that can change the dynamic of the investments. It becomes a mis-sold investment when an investor does not have enough information about these penalties and their implications.

OIEC Investments

OIEC(Open Ended Investment Companies)investments are another great investment strategy because they are designed to let investors with small amounts of capital spread their investment risk. Managing risks this way is enabled by pooling money with other investors, which is then invested in different streams.

However, OIEC investments can easily become mis-sold financial products when an investor is not furnished with enough information about the risks, fees and possible volatility of the market they invest in.

How to Be Sure You Had A Mis-sold Investment

Suppose you are ever in doubt about an investment that you are involved in. In that case, it is in your best interests to get some professional financial outfit that is into reclaiming money for mis-sold investments. They have all the training and experience needed to help you ascertain if your investments have been mis-sold.

Let us review your case for you!

Did you know you could be entitled to up to £350,000 compensation if you were mis-sold a pension? Well, now you know. You may also wish to know that about a third of UK pensions have been mis-sold. So, if you think yours may be one of them, do not hesitate to contact our no win, no fee solicitors. We'll review your case at zero costs and let you know if you're eligible or not. Call us at 0800 060 8855 or check your eligibility right away by answering a few simple questions online.

Mis Sold Investments

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