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Quorum Conference

Quorum Conference

Not every piece of information should be public. Quorum, built on Ethereum, takes this into consideration in creating a permissioned blockchain system that protects users from unwarranted access to data. Speakers at the Global Blockchain Conference, the premier quorum conference of 2019, will introduce attendees to the world of quorum and how it can help to build better applications.

What is quorum?

Developers built quorum to be more acceptable for use cases requiring limited access to information. Participants must be authenticated to access the network.

This method goes well beyond the trust-building required by traditional blockchain. Still, using the quorum among a trusted set of peers is unnecessary. The same features and protocols used by traditional blockchain are used in this platform.

What is quorum built on?

Quorum is built on the fast and flexible Go Ethereum framework. Ethereum seeks to create privacy and security through the same system used by the similarly named cryptocurrency.

Ethereum has both first-mover advantage and is large as well as well-tested. The public blockchain already protects over one billion dollars in cryptocurrency.

Is quorum high performance?

Despite adding additional protections, quorum is fast. The system can process dozens to hundreds of transactions per second.

This occurs even while enforcing a private contract that only a set number of peers are party to. This is in part because all public and private smart contracts derive from a single, common, and complete blockchain.

Does quorum use the blockchain?

Quorum uses the blockchain to conduct transactions, store information, and maintain contracts. The information is stored and validated by peers. Even the private contracts are part of the blockchain.

Information in quorum is part of a single and complete blockchain. This allows peers on the network to validate information in any contract. An authority is required to validate nodes but the system uses the same processes as the original blockchain.

Is quorum secure?

Quorum is access control but is not necessarily secure by implementation. Compromised nodes still present a significant problem.

When a secure peer is compromised, the information is open to anyone capable of skillfully manipulating the system. Certain algorithms can help to secure the system. These include hashgraph.

The Global Blockchain Conference seeks to build understanding and further the growth and evolution of the blockchain system. Knowledge will help create trust and promote adoption of blockchain systems.

Build security and permissions with knowledge

Conferences bring together like-minded peers to generate understanding and increase awareness. The Global Blockchain Conference on October 3 and 4 in Denver, Colorado will bring leaders in finance and technology together to examine core issues with the blockchain.

Speakers include Tanya Woods of the Chamber of Digital Commerce in Canada, Joshua Finkleman director of digital transformation at the Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology, and Colorado State Bank Commissioner Ken Boldt. Lawyers, technologists, and financial analysts will come together to discuss key issues with quorum and blockchain.

The Global Blockchain Conference is this year’s leading quorum conference. Visit our website today to find out more.



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