Mis-Sold Pension Compensation Explained

You Could be due compensation


In the last few years since the pension market opened up, a flood of people have come forward to complain that they were poorly advised on their pension investments, often being talked into moving perfectly decent and secure pensions over to highly risky and loss making products. Such bad advice has in many cases led to people losing some, if not all, of their pension. Thankfully however, these people are all entitled to claim pension mis-selling compensation, so long as they meet certain criteria. In this article we will look at some of those criteria. Here at Cloud 9, we specialise in getting compensation for mis-sold pensions and we deal with people every day who are not sure if their situation applies. In our experience, when people come to us claiming they were given bad advice, it usually means they were. So, we recommend that anyone who has even the slightest doubt about the pension advice they were given, get in touch immediately.

How Do I Know If I Might Be Eligible for Mis-Sold Pension Compensation?

This is the question we deal with most frequently and the simple answer is to give us a call for a friendly, informal and no obligation chat – we can advise as to any issues with your pension. However, if you wanted to get a general feel for the sort of criteria that normally lead to successful compensation claims, the following should help. You would likely have a claim if:

There are very strict rules on financial advice and your advisor is required to operate within very rigid codes of practice. In addition to the examples above, if your advisor strayed at all from these rules, or if you felt at all pressured to accept the pension recommended by your advisor then you would have a claim.

It Sounds Like I Am Eligible. What Should I Do Next?

The best thing you could do is give us a call and have a free, no obligation chat. Here at Cloud 9 Claims, our team of experienced solicitors, all pension compensation experts, will take down the details of your case and begin investigating immediately. Over the last few years, we have represented hundreds of people like yourself and understand how devastating it can be to see your retirement funds reduced or lost altogether. But compensation is available and we have won our clients hundreds of thousands of pounds. Best of all we don’t charge you a penny, even in the unlikely event that the claim is unsuccessful. We operate on a no win, no fee basis. We do all the work and take all the risk. And we do our best to get you the maximum compensation available for your loss. So, if you’re keen to get started, simply call us on xxx or email us at xxx or click through via the form below and we’ll call you at a time that suits you.

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How Would I Know If I Am Eligible for Pension Transfer Compensation?

If you suspect you might have been given bad advice on your pension transfer, you should get in touch today. Here at Portfolio Legal we have a specialist team that works only on mis-sold pension compensation and has done for years. Consequently, you can rest assured that if the advice you were given was wrong, we will be able to begin working right away on getting you the full compensation you deserve. It doesn’t matter what form the bad advice came in (we’ve seen it all,) from transferring out of final salary schemes to moving into SiPP’s based on ‘non standard’ investments – such as forestry, storage pods or overseas property – to not doing due diligence on financial circumstances or health issues, all that matters is whether your financial advisor steered you in a bad direction. If they did, you will be eligible for compensation.
Ok, Sounds Great. How Do I Claim Then?
If you’re keen to get started, simply call us on xxx or email us at xxx. Our team of legal experts, all experienced solicitors, will investigate your claim immediately and start working on getting you the maximum amount of compensation. We have spent years representing hundreds of clients who were advised to transfer their pension away from workplace schemes and in the process won them tens, and occasionally hundreds of thousands of pounds. We understand how devastating such losses can be, which is why we work with you every step of the way and keep you in the loop on the progress of your claim. We won’t charge you a penny and in the unlikely event that the claim is unsuccessful, you will never be charged. This no win, no fee approach means you don’t have to do anything or risk anything. Just relax and let us handle your claim.