What To Do If Your Have Been Mis-sold Investments?

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Anyone who pays a financial advisor for professional advice on investment has the right to expect that the person advising them will base their advice purely on the most sensible financial products available, rather than on external factors such as the products with the best commission. Unfortunately, people are all too frequently mis-sold financial products by financial advisors or institutions who are at best incompetent and at worst unscrupulous. Such mis-selling has increased in frequency over the last few years – the pension reforms of 2015 opened up the market in many beneficial ways but also allowed a far wider range of products to be sold to people, often to their detriment. Many investors have been pushed towards products and investments that are completely wrong and too high risk for the kind of secure and stable investment they would be looking for from their pension, for example. As a result, it is estimated that 1 in 3 pensions have been mis-sold in recent years and many people are now eligible for compensation because of mis-selling.

How Can You Tell If You Have Been Mis-sold a Financial Product or Investment?

Here at Cloud 9 we’ve seen just about every type of bad advice on every type of investment, which meansit is fairly easy for us to quickly spot the sort of bad advice that leads to compensation. Why not give us a quick call at 0800 060 8855 or email us at hello@cloud9claims.co.uk for a relaxed, no obligation chat about your situation? Otherwise, although we can’t cover every individual situation here, there are certain give-aways that make it clear a pension product or investment has been mis-sold. Your investment is likely to have been mis-sold if:

What Are the Most Common Mis-Sold Investments People Make Claims About?

As touched upon in the above section, there are numerous different types of non-standard investment that can prompt pension mis-selling claims. However, in our experience the most common of these are the ones listed below:

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I Think I Am Eligible for Compensation - How Do I Claim?

If you think you were given bad advice to invest in products such as these then you probably do have a good chance of compensation. If you’re keen to find out more or get started with a claim, simply call us on 0800 060 8855 or email us at hello@cloud9claims.co.uk. Our team of legal experts, all experienced solicitors, will start work immediately on getting you compensation. We have represented hundreds of clients like yourself who were given bad advice, and in the process won them tens, and occasionally hundreds of thousands of pounds. We understand just how devastating pension losses can be, which is why we work with you every step of the way and keep you in the loop on the progress of your claim. We won’t charge you a penny and in the unlikely event that the claim is unsuccessful, you will never be charged.

This no win, no fee approach means you don’t have to do anything or risk anything. Just relax and let us handle your claim.