Were You Mis-sold Investments in Agricultural Products?

Were You Mis-sold Investments in Agricultural Products?

With the numbers of mis-sold pension claims growing every year it is now estimated that as many as 1 in 3 pensions were mis-sold through bad advice and poor investments. Investors were pushed towards high risk, non-standard investments by advisors who were at best incompetent and at worse unscrupulous. One of the most common scenarios coming up in compensation claims was when investors were advised to take their secure pension savings and move them into a SiPP that invested in high-risk products, promising high returns. These inevitably failed and left people with huge losses from their retirement funds. Thankfully, anyone who has been through this scenario is now eligible for compensation.


One such high risk SiPP investment was in agricultural products. Many financial advisors were pushing agricultural products as capable of achieving those high returns mentioned above, but it was totally inappropriate for retirement investment as it came with a lot more risk than investors were led to believe. Indeed, for every rare agricultural product investment scheme that actually made money and grew people’s pensions, there were countless others that saw investors suffer significant losses. Some of the worst agricultural product investment schemes were outright scams and anyone caught up in them lost their entire life savings.

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Were You Mis-sold a SiPP That Invested in Agricultural Products?

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