Stamp Duty Refunds For Property Investor

SDLT Refunds


If you are a property investor and have bought or invested in land or commercial property in the last 4 years, then there is every chance you are owed tens of thousands of pounds in stamp duty tax rebates. Any investor who puts money into buy to let will be charged an additional 3% surcharge when they pay stamp duty. However, because of confusion over changes to stamp duty and issues with the HMRC calculator, many investors actually overpaid stamp duty in recent years.

Checking Whether You Have Overpaid

To help you decide if you should give us a call, ask yourself the following questions:


  • In the last four years, have you purchased commercial land?
  • In the last four years, have you purchased land that included both residential and commercial use?
  • In the last four years, have you been the owner of multiple properties and also purchased a new property as your main residence?
  • Have you, in the last 4 years purchased a property costing less than £40,000?



If you can answer yes on any of these then it is very likely you were overcharged on your stamp duty and are due a large refund. We work on a no claim no fee basis so it will cost you nothing for us to check whether you are owed money.

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For people looking to claim back stamp duty tax on their home.

People who have invested in property can also claim stamp duty back.


Many developers find they are owed thousands of pounds in rebates.